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Rawk believes delicious treats should also be good for you!

That’s why we make indulgent foods that remind the world of how delicious natural food can be.

We got so numb to brands shoving crazy amounts of sugar and chemicals into every mouthful of cake, cookie, or ice cream that we forgot how a treat should be good for your body as well as your soul. This is why we chose to make our products differently. They’re dairy-freegluten-free, and plant-based – so everyone can enjoy the same treat.

Rawk foods get their superpower from real, good-quality all-natural ingredients. Our activated nuts are specially prepared so your body can fully absorb all their nutty nutrition! What’s more, all our treats are sweetened consciously using only locally sourced dates, making them 100% free from refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, or other inedible nasties.

Rawk Treats


The Rawk Story

Rawk believes in the power of good food to feed the body, mind and soul. That’s why Rawk makes some of the world’s tastiest and most nutritious treats so you can enjoy going to cake heaven without the guilt trip and give yourself a superfood boost to face life’s challenges. 

Each indulgence is handcrafted with passion in our kitchen, using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients. Seasoned with love and sweetened only by Bahraini dates, every creation is chock full of raw plant-based goodness. 

Free from sugar, dairy and gluten you can share a Rawk moment knowing you’re spreading joy and good karma one treat at a time

So, How Did This Good Thing Come To Be?

Our story started in 2017. Yusra Al Rifai, Rawk’s founder and Supreme Mistress of Deliciousness, was set to become a mother for the first time. Locked into a lifelong battle with sugar addiction (we’re talking multiple candy bars a day…) and an unhealthy interest in processed foods, Yusra had gained a lot of weight. The weight didn’t drop even after giving birth to her baby boy Zade. Wanting to give him the best start in life and drop the excess, Yusra started to research health and nutrition and soon knew she had to stop eating refined sugar.

After going through sugar withdrawal (yes seriously), the positive physical and mental effects became obvious. Changing her diet really did change her life as Yusra not only dropped a few dress sizes, lost the brain fog, and had more energy, she became a passionate advocate for healthier living. Now just because Yusra had given up sugar, didn’t mean she’d given up her love for all things gooey sweet & delicious. Her healthier living mission expanded into the quest for delightful treats that didn’t compromise health and wellbeing.

Yusra, in her own words “I didn’t want to compromise on the taste or the look of my food. I wanted to feel nourished and satisfied – to feel great about every bite. The one thing that I couldn’t find was desserts that suited my new lifestyle choices and tasted good. They were either packed full of unhealthy sugar substitutes, or they tasted like cardboard. Why were food labels so dishonest? Why was being healthy so difficult, boring, and unsatisfying?”

Her Curiosity transformed into a mission and then a full-on rebellion. “I became determined to create desserts that were both a taste and health sensation. If delicious and nutritious treats could not be found, then I was going to be the one to make them.” Like any self-respecting mum would do, she started a cake brand and called it Rawk.

A perfectionist cake zealot, Yusra’s quest for the ultimate healthy indulgence saw her embark on countless recipe experiments with friends (happily) volunteering as cake guinea pigs. The success stories started – from the famously fresh banoffee to the double choc delight and moreish marvel of the tahini pie. As the product range grew in size and deliciousness, so did the fan base.

The rebellion is growing into a movement with Rawk’s Supreme Mistress of Deliciousness thinking ‘outside the mould’ from inside her kitchen. Her mission to satisfy the sweetest of tooth has delivered a raft of unique flavours and crazily-good concoctions. Rawk’s treats use all manner of berries and fruits, plus an assortment of Arabic flavours, including coffee, caramel, black lime, cinnamon, and of course, tahini. Take a bite of any of Rawk’s treats to taste how great they are. After all, the proof is in the pudding… or the cake, the pies or ice creams! Nom nom.

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